Wednesday, September 14, 2011

let the countdown begin...

(welcome, fall! you're fun.)

i thought summer was busy, but this fall is shaping up to be a real go-getter. i can't wait for the colder weather, taller boots, and fun fall colors. oh, and all the fun things to look foward to! most specifically, i am super jazzed for our trip to hawaii in october, but want to concentrate on all the other fun things that are happening between now and then- and trust me, there are a LOT. 

in the true nature of my list-loving, i've created a list of things i'm looking forward too, complete with day countdowns! nerd alert, here we go:

gomez at the ogden theatre...7 days! 
fans on the field 10k, drive to see fall colors, and MadCap for Mary fundraiser: 10 days! 
last day at the church, first day out in 'real' private practice: 16 days!!! 
rock 'n' roll marathon with him (his first!): 24 days!
imelda may at the bluebird: 29 days! 
run the rocks 5k (one of my favs): 31 days!
jack's mannequin at the ogden theatre: 39 days! 


a small, lil' ol' trip to a few islands in the pacific they call HAWAII: 
only 43 more days!!! 

swimsuit diets, here i come.... 


  1. So many awesome things to look forward to! Aloha!

  2. Just saw the Lei countdown - hilarious!! Now that I'll be in CO can you please pack me in your suitcase? Great, thanks!