Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"She added Reformation Counseling, LLC to her work"

(...says my facebook profile update)

the official announcement: i have put my notice in at my current position at the church down south, where i work as a sliding scale therapist; i have signed a lease, some agreements and received keys to a new office, located in the Highlands; i have received new business cards with my own name, business name, new office address and own counseling email; i have an ikea furniture shopping date with my new office partner; i have received my first professional referral from a therapist on; and, last but certainly not least, i have reserved a blogspot url for my new practice. i am ready. to. go. 

here it is, friends. i am officially 'hanging out my shingle', as a friend of mine calls it, and opening up shop (aka private practice) with the hope and faith that i will be able to market myself enough to make an actual living as a real, live, therapist. 

while i am hoping for a miraculously easy, breezy, beautiful and smooth transition into the world of private practice, i am prepared for the foibles, missteps and mishaps that will come along when a very soft-skilled-based professional (that'd be me) starts a very business-dependent, market and referral-based profession (that'd be private practice) on her own. i'm also prepared to eat ramen noodles and canned vegetables for the next few months...years?... until this baby gets off the ground and starts walking. if any of you would like to donate to the 'feed kaci' fund over the holidays, please let me know.

of course, the aforementioned foibles, missteps and mishaps will be captured here, don't you worry. and i will try to showcase my professional side on the new blog, (no posts yet, the url is just reserved for ME, when the dust settles down and i'm ready to take on the world of professional blogging). 

wish me luck in this big bad world of soft-talking, feelings-based therapists; let's hope i don't get eaten alive out there! 

*and it goes without saying, but i'll say it anyway: if you actually, really in real life, need to refer someone to a therapist, i would be honored to help you with that. even if it's just me helping you find someone else that's not me, i'd still be happy to help.  

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  1. I am so proud of you!!! I'm a "coopiner" as Clair likes to say, so I do very well on household sundries .... toothpaste, deodorant, and pretty much all of the little things. If I can send those kinda things your way to take off a bit of a financial burden, please let me know. The shipping will be more than the purchase! :)))) I love you, Kace, and am so PROUD of you as are the people here that I work with.