Wednesday, March 31, 2010

riddle me this....

why is a raven like a writing desk?

because they both can produce notes... one musical, and the other, like MY writing desk, wonderful, adorable, amazing handmade notes made by none other than my twinner, michelle!

i 'hired' michelle to make me some notecards to send out to all the wonderful people that helped me while i was incapacitated from surgery- everyone loves a nice thoughtful note, and i want to make sure each and every single person that offered me help understands how important they are. enter michelle: she makes the most creative, adorable and thoughtful cards in the world... (jNelly is second best, but i'm biased). problem solved! michelle's 30 handmade, individual notecards arrived for me today, and it was like heaven on earth to look through them all and think of all the loving kindness that went into each of them...

so thank you to every one of you that helped me, physically and emotionally, during the past few months, and thank you to michelle, for making my thank yous look a little prettier, and much more thoughtful :)

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